Rewind is the search engine for your life. It's a macOS app that enables you to find anything you've seen, said, or heard.
What if you had perfect memory? Search or ask Rewind about anything you’ve seen, said, or heard.

- Changelog:

Be faster, sharper, and more present throughout your day

  • See how you know someone and what you last talked about before your call.
  • Get less distracted, as meeting notes are automatically captured, indexed, and searchable.
  • Find a specific message across all of your email, apps, and open tabs.
  • Get automatic, concise summaries of your meetings.
  • Rewind time to recall important info from meetings quickly.

Engineer 👨‍💻 

  • Never forget technical decisions made in a meeting, even when nobody took notes.
  • Go back and see how you performed a complex setup.
  • Copy text from your terminal history.
  • Never worry about losing work again, since it's always retrievable.
  • Reproduce bugs faster with recorded steps.
  • Have Rewind summarize your workday for snippets or standup meetings.

Sales 👨‍💻 

  • Record any meeting, even if you aren't the meeting owner.
  • Quickly recall how you know someone and what was last said before hopping on a call.
  • Easily surface what was most important to a prospect.
  • Recover your work on Salesforce, even after crashes.
  • Reference previous calls to confirm what was said by whom and when.

Coming Soon