Merlin: 1-click access to Powerful AI Plugins
Youtube 影片轉逐字稿
Merlin: 1-click access to Powerful AI Plugins
Enhance your workflow with AI. Summarize videos, scrape websites, respond to emails, grow your social media.

💻 Feature Highlights:
💡 AI Chat: Open the Sidebar to start chat & ask about anything easily.
💡 Copywriting: Easily create social content, blogs, and ad copies.
💡 ChatPDF: Summarize or Chat with any PDF to get concise information & save time.
💡 WebChat: Summarize or Chat with any website content to read what matters.
💡 Grow your audience on LinkedIn & Twitter - Generate unique social media content and comments to increase engagement
💡 Search Enhance: Get concise AI answers next to search tools like Google, Bing, Baidu, or Yahoo.
💡 Web Access: Get the right content with real-time internet access.
💡 AI replies on Emails- enabling you to send appropriate responses with just a click, no typing needed.
💡 YouTube Video summary: Quickly summarize video content without wasting time watching long videos.
💡 AI Art: Convert your words into visuals.

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